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Solutions Plus Action Alerts

Now you can automatically monitor critical compliance or audit with an Action Alert triggered to send to you if a policy is breached. Alerts can be used for asset expirations; financial levels of authority; data integrity and/or security processes.

All processes break and have exceptions, but you want to be confident you are catching important issues without manually having to check your application daily, weekly, or monthly. Save time by receiving a tailored and targeted alerts that inform and invoke action.

If you want to know when something happens, or more importantly, when something doesn't happen, an alert is sent to have you, or other constituents, take action.

Alert examples include:

  • Validate periodic reviews are occurring when required
  • Proactively update or retire expired assets
  • Ensure levels of authority are enforced
  • Confirm proper segregation of duties for all your financial processing
  • Verify all required reviews and approval processes were followed
  • Be made aware of data integrity issues such as data entry quality, integration issues, other exceptions, etc.
  • Supplement available base application notifications with your own high priority items such late tasks, rejected invoices, stalled projects, etc.
  • Receive alerts when key data changes

These are just a small sampling of types of alerts to consider. If the relevant data exists in your application, we can build an alert. The possibilities are endless.

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