How DAM Reporting Can Transform Your Marketing

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Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms can be a lifesaver for marketing teams when it comes to having a centralized library to organize hundreds, even thousands, of content pieces they have in play.

But DAM reporting functions can also be a powerful source for content marketing analytics.

With the right reporting setup, your team can transform your marketing for the better with data-backed decisions.

DAM reporting shows what content is working and what’s not.

DAM reporting provides a big picture overview of what’s being downloaded and shared, as well as total impressions and views. Being able to see this asset data in a central location can help you identify trends and themes for the content that is most helpful for your audience and sales team.

This allows you to more quickly pivot and pull or update assets that aren’t working, see what topics could have increased efforts, and show you how to reallocate your content production energies.

DAM reporting provides valuable keyword insights.

Keyword search insights are critical for strengthening your content marketing organizational efforts.

Are people using search terms that are leading to no matches? Are there ways to update the metadata to make content pieces easier to find?

The right metadata and keywords are critical for successful library management, cutting search times and helping DAM librarians identify problematic searches. That’s why tweaking and refining metadata should be an ongoing process.

But keyword data could also provide insights for marketing and content creation. Seeing the most searched terms can help you identify if there are content holes. For example, if certain search terms are frequent but yield few assets, that might mean there’s an opportunity to create more content to address that need.

DAM reporting helps you save time and boost ROI

The common theme of many of these reporting insight areas? Saving time.

When you’re able to quickly pull content analytics reports in one place, you have up-to-the-minute data that translates into faster decision making, faster solutions, and faster positive outcomes.

This boosts not only your marketing’s overall ROI, but the ROI on your DAM investment.

Is your DAM delivering?

DAM-Cover-GraphicWhen your DAM is at peak performance, so is your ability to collect data and insights.

But often teams don’t know where to look or how to set it up to make it happen!

Dive deeper into DAM reporting and key metrics in our free guide, which covers:

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Originally published September 5, 2023 3:40 PM, updated June 16, 2024


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