Use Event-Triggered Alerts for Compliance and Audit Requirements

Compliance and Audit Requirements

Now you can monitor critical compliance or audit areas automatically by having an Action Alert triggered to send to you if a policy is breached in these common areas:

  1. Compliance Alerts
    • SOX
    • AML
    • FINRA
    • FDA
    • Internal Audits
  2. Control Alerts
    • Clear Lines of Authority
    • Segregation of Duties
    • Access Control
    • Audit
    • Periodic Reviews
  3. Integrity Alerts
    • System Validation
    • Role Confirmation
    • Process Breakdown
    • ntegration Issues
    • Data Entry Quality
  4. Detection Alerts
    • Proactive Checks
    • Exception Reporting
    • Monitoring

These are just a small sampling of types of alerts to consider. If the relevant data exists in your application, we can build an alert. The possibilities are endless

Contact us today if you’d like to explore these or any of your own business alerts.

Originally published October 22, 2021 4:42 AM, updated February 26, 2024


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